Thursday, December 12, 2002
Issue: #02, Volume: #01

Tucows wishes you a Happy Holiday Season!
We thank you all for your wonderful support and feedback on the launch of our first issue. We listened to your comments and are sending this second issue in multipart format.
All the best to you and your families!
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What's New at Tucows
What's New
Tucows Reports
Tucows Reports Tucows extends its service portfolio to put more money in your pocket
On November 18th, we expanded our Digital Security services. Now Tucows' Resellers can offer GeoTrust®'s QuickSSL™, Quick SSL™ Premium and True BusinessID™ Wildcard certificates through the OpenSRS platform. The service is a success. In just seven days, approximately 100 Resellers have adopted the new offerings to sell over 200 certificates.
On November 27th, we announced the limited release of our new wholesale e-mail service. Tucows E-mail extends the value of our Resellers' domain identity services by allowing you to deliver a highly reliable, easy to use e-mail service to your customers. Tucows E-mail is a competitive, self-supporting solution with multiple access methods (POP, WebMail and IMAP), comprehensive management and administration tools, 10 MB of storage per mailbox, as well as value added services. Quickly add e-mail functionality without significant capital and human resource expenditures. For a limited time, basic mailboxes are priced at $5 per annum. This introductory price represents a significant discount and is only available for a limited time.
To learn more about our new e-mail offering please visit: oops/opensrs/e-mail
Industry News
Industry News OzEmail glitch highlights domain name issues
An incident that left Anzwers, a popular Asia-Pacific search engine, inaccessible to a large number of Internet users for days …
Cyberscam shut down
The Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) claimed a key victory in October against an Internet domain name renewal service provider …
The Final Insult: A Lost Domain
They lost their jobs, their careers, even their apartments in the Internet bust. But the final insult for many Web workers is learning that …
Future of Verisign Registrar
Maureen Sirhal and William New of the National Journal ran a story last week reporting that Verisign was considering selling off its retail registrar business …
Big words say: Just say no to spam
Missourians may soon get a chance to block "spam" just as they now can stop many unwanted phone calls...

Customer Focus
Customer Focus Renewing Your Domain Shouldn't Shut Down Your Website
Many of us have heard this story before. A diligent registrant acts quickly after receiving a renewal notice by mail or by e-mail. They send in their money and several days later their Website, e-mail addresses or both stopped working.
The registrant calls their original supplier-of-choice for hosting and e-mail services, only to discover that, by accepting the renewal offer, they have intentionally or unintentionally agreed to transfer their domain name registration to a new supplier. The new supplier may not offer the same suite of services, may not ensure that the DNS settings are correct, or may not transfer the registrant's Website content to their systems.
All the registrant knows is that mission critical systems are off-line. They learn that it can take days or weeks to straighten everything out -- costing them time and money. All the Reseller knows is that they have spent many costly support hours solving a problem they did not cause.
The lesson for the registrant: there are many aggressive companies advertising savings of a dollar or two for renewals without explaining the implications for all the Internet services that depend on the domain and the DNS.
The lesson for the original supplier: make sure your customers know you by name and know the value of the entire package of services you provide to them. Send out renewal notifications early and often. Most acquiring registrars will start targeting your customers with direct advertising as early as 120 days before the renewal date.
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