Bonus Services

In addition to offering you a multitude of cleaning services, we also offer additional Bonus services to help make your life easier. Upon your request we can...
  • Feed Your Pet(s)
  • Walk Your Pet(s)
  • Care For Your Pet(s) While You're Away
Wouldn't your pets be happier with someone they know such as the cleaning lady, as opposed to dealing with the stress of a kennel and unfamiliar faces? Not to mention, you will enjoy your time away much more knowing your pets are in good hands, receiving the attention they need!

So don't hesitate to take advantage of this service....Nemo the Fish, Buddy the Turtle, Rover the Retrieve, Minnie the Kitten and even Pebbles the Hamster with thank you!

Remember ......A Clean Home Is a Cozy Home!

Clean  your home!